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The Designo International pioneered the introduction of misting systems to the Indian market place over 10 years ago.

All The Designo International misting systems are designed and manufactured to be easily installed with customised application, cost effective to run and require minimal maintenance.

The Designo International’s latest innovation in climate control with sophisticated sensor integration and is appropriate for providing outdoor cooling through the principle of evaporative cooling for various applications, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

The Designo International offers a fine quality range of High Pressure Misting Systems, cooling and misting systems, which have various features including high performance, strong edges, easy to use and low maintenance. These products also have an option of customization as per our clients. We offer demonstration to help our clients.

These products are manufactured using high grade stainless steel pipes, G I sheet, high pressure pump, misting/ fogger nozzle, stainless steel ferrule fittings, hardware, pressure regulator, M S pipe, high pressure hose pipe, electric control panel, evaporative pad, PVC pipes, electric motors and exhaust fan.

Mist Spikes best for :

Hotel Lawns, Home Balcony, Open Air Restaurant, Marriage Pandal, Workshops, Farm House, Terrace Gardens, Open Air Parties, Open Air Waiting Area, Poultry Farm, Factories, For Humidification, Stud Farm, Amusement Park, Water Parks, Schools, Hospital Open Areas, Cooling Animals, Golf Course


* High Pressure Misting / Fogging Pump

* High Pressure Energy saving Misting Pump with Top feature (Imported).

* Pump Unit : 1000 PSI Imported High Pressure Misting Pump with overflow valve system.

* Imported High Pressure HDPE / Nylon pipe line.

* Special features: - auto trip off – over load / over heat / current fluctuation (Optional)

* Dry run protection (Optional).

* 20” Housing for filtration of water.

* Misting is controlled by Branded Control Valve – Zoloto with Stainless Steel fitting.

* Stainless Steel Pipe Line of 202 / 304/316 Grade.( Specially drawn).

* HDPE and Nylon High Pressure Pipe line exclusively Imported for High pressure use.

* Stainless Steel Misting Ring with CNC cutting stainless steel flower/design for ceiling.

* Specially Manufactured SS/Brass nut bolt fittings.

* Stainless Steel 304/316 /Imported Brass push fit fittings.

* Imported High Pressure - Ruby Orifice Nozzle (with filter & Anti drip features )/ Stainless Steel Orifice Brass Nozzles.

* Control Panel for the above pump with built in features:

* Surge protection / M C B / Volt and AMP meter / Timer / and control switches. All assembled in one MS Powder coated lockable box .Humidity Control System (optional).

* Professional advice and designing facility available. Perfection in Mist Cooling can be arrived only with expert designing.

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