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The Designo International is the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Humidification System for Cold Storage in India.

The Designo International pioneered the introduction of humidification system to the Indian market place over 7 years ago.

The Designo International humidification system are designed and manufactured to be easily installed, extremely cost effective to run and require minimal maintenance.

At the The Designo International for our humidification systems our experts advice, design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares support. These steps help you provide you with the desired Humidification System.

Dry air causes lower regain and this contributes to poor quality and lower productivity. Yarns with low moisture content are weaker, thinner, more brittle, and less elastic, create more friction and are more prone to static electrification. Materials at optimum regain are less prone to breakage, heating and friction effects, they handle better, have fewer imperfections, are more uniform and feel better.

The humidification high pressure misting also have a substantial cooling effect, reducing high factory temperatures.

The ambient humidity can vary a lot, depending on the time of year, high/low indoor temperature, and whether it is day or night. It is thus extremely important to possess parameters by which the humidity can be controlled in production processes which include organic materials. Even small changes in humidity can be decisive for efficiency, and thus production cost levels.

For staff, excessively low humidity means that the normally moist mucous membranes on the lips and in the nose and eyes dry out quickly. Additional consequences include dry skin, dust problems and obnoxious smells, which collectively contribute to increasing the risk of allergy and other complications as well as decreasing working efficiency.

Humidification System best for :

Hotel Lawns, Home Balcony, Open Air Restaurant, Marriage Pandal, Workshops, Farm House, Terrace Gardens, Open Air Parties, Open Air Waiting Area, Poultry Farm, Factories, For Humidification, Stud Farm, Amusement Park, Water Parks, Schools, Hospital Open Areas, Cooling Animals, Golf Course


* The flexibility of the controls and the system allows it to be used in every application for considerably less investment than "conventional" methods.

* Graphic Display showing humidity and set points.

* Humidity sensor with extraordinary performance.

* User friendly setup routine with the push buttons on the front panel.

* Programmable humidity and hysteresis (control range) set points.

* Continuous operation.

* Auto temperature controlling system.

* High energy efficient.

* Low power demand.

* Closed operation.

* Fully automatic operation.

We can cool down almost everything

* Pump Unit: Imported High Pressure misting pump.

* Fitting: High Pressure Push fit / Compression fittings (Brass / Stainless steel)

* Pipeline: Stainless steel / HDPE / Nylon

* Imported Nozzles: Ruby orifice nozzle (with filter anti drip features)

We can cool down almost everything

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